Department Press Briefings : Department Press Briefing – July 11, 2017 ( Regarding Afghanistan Answer )

Heather Nauert

Department Press Briefing

Washington, DC

July 11, 2017

QUESTION: Thank you. This is Jahanzaib Ali from ARY News TV Pakistan. I just want to ask a question about some Afghanistan. As we all know that you are going to announce, the current administration is going to announce, the new Afghan policy. So what kind of designation you are giving to the Afghan Taliban in that policy, because the Obama administration, in this last two or three tenure, they stopped calling Afghan Taliban as terrorists. So what kind of designation you are giving to the Taliban in the new Afghan policy?

MS NAUERT: Well, our Afghan policy review is still underway. That has not been announced just yet. So they are looking at – our officials who are involved in that Afghan policy review, which goes from the State Department to the Department of Defense to the National Security Advisor and his team, and plenty others, I’m sure, that I’m just not mentioning right now. So that review is underway. That review continues. I’m not going to get ahead of what’s in that review. We’ll just have to wait and see what comes out of it.

QUESTION: But are they terrorists or not – the Afghan Taliban?

MS NAUERT: Sir, we’re going to wait for that review to take place, okay? Okay. Sir, I —

QUESTION: Is there any update on kidnapped American citizens in Afghanistan?

MS NAUERT: And who exactly are you referring to?

QUESTION: Reffing to? I don’t understand what you’re saying.

MS NAUERT: Okay. So you asked me about – about who kidnapped?

QUESTION: Yeah, American citizens kidnapped in Afghanistan. Is there any update on that?

MS NAUERT: Let me get back with you on that and let me see what I have, okay?

QUESTION: Can we go to Turkey?

QUESTION: Mm-hmm. I have a few more question if you allow me.

MS NAUERT: Pardon me, sir?

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