South Asia Intelligence gift to Afghan National Unity Government Anniversary

Date: 29-Sep-15
Writer: Naweed Yousufi
Researcher & Journalist: Naweed Yousufi 1355

South Asia Intelligence services have links to the Taliban and monitory and tailoring the attacks on RC North provinces of Afghanistan .
ISI Pakistan have must impress and Deployment Taliban to the Rc North Provinces of Afghanistan
Kunduz occupation was planned in Baghlan Province and as far people and Political and Intelligence Advisors 40 % of People who are working in Afghan National Unity Government in a High Level positions are linked with the Taliban. The whole Kunduz Operation which lasted for 12 hours was carried by Pakistani military and ISI advisors.
As per Shakib Hussani, as 28 years old man working in Afghan National Police in Kunduz`s Governor office said : five days ago the Governor of Kunduz called me and told me that to send my Family out of Kunduz and leave Governor`s office. He said we had report about Taliban activities in districts like Khan abad , Dashta Archen , Imam Sahab Aliabad , and we knew what they were doing but Governor didn’t share that information with Kabul Government.
Furthermore, he said on 29-Sep-15 at 2:30 AM Some of the Afghan National Army Commanders and Afghan National Army Commanders Leave Kunduz and at 3:45 AM we got order to shelter ourselves and retreat to the Kunduz Airport. He said Taliban first release all Taliban prisoners from Kunduz Jail and after that put Kunduz Police HQ on fire. He said I was in local clothes inside the city and I saw that Talibans were talking in different languages such as English, Urdu and Arabic on mobile.
As per Nessar Ahmad a local citizen in Kunduz said: Taliban destroy all Military materials and rob all Banks and Burn all Kunduz Government Properties, he said Taliban rape some of the Kunduz hospital women which were nurses and also raped 45 women in Dashta archen , Khanabad, imam Sahab Gur tapa , and inside the Kuduz city ,
He said more than 150 people killed by Taliban in a Kunduz city and some of the Kuduz Elders who previously worked with Taliban had hand over some of the Kunduz districts to the Taliban.
People in Kunduz said Afghan central government helped Taliban to capture RC North Province for their own Political benefits.
As per an Afghan National Army Soldier who didn’t wanted to disclose his name said: Taliban Transfered all Afghan National Army vehicles, tanks and sell it to ISIS (Dayesh).
Mohammad Omar Safi Kunduz`s governor escape to UK and people said he sold Kunduz to Pakistan and Taliban
On 29-Sep-15 at 10:30 People want from Interpol Police and CIA to arrest Mohammad Omar Safi Kunduz`s Governor.People in Kunduz Says Mohammad Omer Safi Kunduz governor was a Spy of ISI.
Abdul Manan Qataghani Kunduz`s former Police commander blames Kabul Central Government and he said Kunduz Governor was a Talib himself.
The Reports show that 2 districts of Baghlan and Takhar Province was also attacked by Taliban. Mujahedeen Elders come around and recruit people in Takhar Province to fight against.
As far The Afghan National Special Force`s soldier said we do our best to get help from NATO on section of Air strike. People also in Kabul Says NATO should send back their troops to RC North of Afghanistan to help Afghan National Army.
Afghan Parliament Member said : Ashraf Ghani sign Agreement with Taliban to hand over RC North of Afghanistan Provinces to Taliban and that is why he is not doing anything , they said Kabul Central government Hand over Dandi Ghore District Of Baghlan to Taliban.
As far the Taliban statement about Kunduz Attack.
As far Report From jalabad ISIS Did Attack in 3 Distract Of Jalabad and Killed 8 Afghan National Army and 5 of Afghan National Army was disappear.
In a24 hour ago Taliban Start a heavy Attack in RC East and RC North Provinces of Afghanistan–
Naweed Yousufi1355

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