Bomb Blast hard NATO convey in Kabul city 4th Macroyan

A suicide Bomb blast target NATO Convey in 4th Macroyan near of Sheenozad hospital Distract 9 of Kabul

More than 15 people killed including NATO Members in this suicide attack more than 67 people got injured

The more casualties of this Bomb blast was kids who are try to go home via school

Afghan Government official said ISI Pakistan Have link in all bomb blast of Kabul

US Embassy Condemns today suicide bomb blast

The U.S. Embassy strongly condemns today’s terror attack in Kabul that resulted in the deaths of three Resolute Support civilians, as well as many Afghan civilians, and left dozens of others wounded. At this time, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families who suffered as a result of this attack. The United States remains committed to assisting our Afghan partners in their efforts to ensure a peaceful future for Afghanistan.

By Voice of After The War