*** ISI Pakistan and Iran Intelligent Services activity at Afghanistan**( IPAIISAAA)

ISI Pakistan and Iran Intelligent Services activity at Afghanistan
From 2010 TO 2013
The below info is 20% release on 2014
80% left From 2010 TO 2013
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ISI Pakistan and Iran Intelligent Activity’s a Afghanistan Borders
ISI Pakistan Have they are own policy regarding Afghanistan on section of section of Terrorism Economic, Terrorism, foreigner Policy, Culture.

As far research I find out the ISI Pakistan have different Department at mine office of ISI and ISI FC Section which are have they are won badges and funding fighters at Afghanistan , Pakistan Kashmer at Afghanistan Badkhshan Border , Pakistan Afghanistan border site , Uzbekistan Afghanistan Border . From 2010 I post report at social Net Work Facebook and online bogfa’ about Unknown people how are doing Terrorist Activity’s and even the can peak at the Afghanistan people languages.
Does unknown people are doing activity’s at Nuirrstant Province Afghanistan Pakistan border, Logar Province , Badghez Province Wordak Province, Kunar province , but unfortunately no one got that report series even the journalist’s . As far my FB news feed, below

on 2014 that reports going to happen as far one the Commander Tofan person who was work with Taliban and now he is join peace Process.
report from Mohammad Sadarwali from Badghez province show that Turkmanistan Border army trying to build they are army camp at Afghanistan ground border and Pakistani people also with them , Taher uldash terrorist group provide opportunity for Pakistani Taliban to come Badghez province via Turkmenistan and now some unknown people are come to Badghez province the Badgez and Badghez governor also confirm this report at one of radio station at Afghanistan

Some issue with Nurristan province my reporter at nurristan province send me many reports form 2010 that ISI Pakistan try to build terrorist camp at nurristan and they give military training to people how are not form Afghanistan and even they are not afghani Taliban I post that report at FB but I didn’t got any respons or I didn’t saw any action on nurristan against that people are nurristan Province, on 2014 some of the Afghanistan parliament member’s giving this report to media that some unknown people are have black clothes and mask come to nurristan and nurristan people have security concern , the problem is that with these Afghanistan political people is that they are give keep salient for small issue and when that issue become and bigger they start shouting .
The mine point is that which country doing support Does terrorist group and from where they are getting that much access to have trip from South east borders to north and west borders of Afghanistan to do their oppression to Afghanistan borders from Afghanistan neighbors country Borders .

This is the question’s all Afghanistan people are asking?

Write By : Naweed Yousufi
Freelance Journalist 1355

By Voice of After The War