**Live for nothing and die for something** ( Freedom , Human Rights )

Live for nothing and die for something
( Freedom , Human Rights )

Afghanistan the Maine Intelligent services fight.
ISI Intelligent services and Iran Intelligent services have more Power at Afghanistan and they have to many spy at Afghanistan and even they are have link with political and some Unions .
From 2012 Up to 3 April 2014 ISI Intelligent services and Iran Intelligent services send more than 100 Suicide attackers to Afghanistan and must of Taliban come form Afghanistan and Pakistan border
Kurma agency , Bajawar , Waziristan , Pakistan Afghanistan Border .and some of Taliban come from Nuristan Province of Afghanistan . Fighters try to stop Afghanistan Political Transaction and by the support of Intelligent services of Afghanistan Neighbors Country’s as Far NDS report but this Question Below.
Who are they?
Are they having Name?
Which of Afghanistan Neighbors Country Intelligent services ? As Far My research from 2008 up to now show that there is just 2 country’s Afghanistan Neighbors which are try to bring Afghanistan back to 1992 . (Iran and Pakistan )
From 2004 Iran Pakistan Intelligent services working to get More Benefit and keep International Forces Confuse at Afghanistan War. and these 2 country’s have more Spy’s and agents at Afghanistan all over the Afghanistan Part . if any one try to release or show they are face to world they are going to kill them via Taliban .

Swedish-British journalist Nils Horner Killed on 11 March 2014 by the Taliban Fighters as far some Report show that Mr. Horner when come to Kabul try to get some Information About Marshal Qasam fahim died and he try to find out what is going on at Afghanistan and Pakistan Border . Has Murder is not clear but some of info show that Taliban by the order of some Intelligent services killed him.

On 4 April 2014 Ms. Niedringhaus German Photographer Killed By police officer at RC East of Afghanistan Khoest Province. She went to Khoest Province to cover the Afghanistan 2014 election and send the massage to the world but Gun man killed her. Ms. Niedringhaus show at her each photo changes of afghan people live.
She lost her live on way of Afghanistan Freedom.

Sardar Mohammad AFP journalist Killed with has family. at Serena hotel at Kabul and New year 1393 Night
As Far Afghan Intelligent services, ISI Pakistan Have Link to this attack. Reports From Journalist and NIA NGO web site show that Journalist and report were killed in Parwan, Kapisa and Konduz provinces.
Seven journalists were injured in Herat, Zabul, Baghlan and Kabul provinces. Six other journalists were wrongfully arrested in Zabul, Nangarhar and Baghlan provinces.
Thirty-four journalists were beaten Balkh, Kabul, Nangarhar, Takhar, Baghlan and Konduz provinces.
Twenty six cases of intimidation against journalists were registered in Daikondi, Konduz, Paktia, Takhar, Herat, Khost, Kapisa and Kabul provinces.

The Maine point is that if any journalist become closer to any Document or evidence will lost her/has live and Taliban going take the Responsibility of that murder.
What is on that Documents or evidence this is question which we couldn’t find the answer.

As Far report From Kunar , Nuristan , Paktika , wordak , Hellmand , Nimruz Provinces of Afghanistan show that must of Taliban who are fighting aginst afghan government and international forces they spend 20 , 25 , 30 years at Pakistan and they are not Afghan .
They got Trruiest Tarning at these location of Pakistan bajawar ,Kurma Agency , Peshawar, Nasirbagh, Wazirstan , souad , camp Chigena at Quota , and on 2007 Pakistan by the support of Iran Intelligent service they bring fighters from chageana , Eyjap , Soudan , Iran , Pakistan , Eman , Turkey , Iraq Country’s and Iran , chigena ,Soudani , Iraqi fighters have access at computer internet and Biometric

More Reports and research will be release soon
Freelance Journalist
Naweed Yousufi 1355

By Voice of After The War