*Afghan forces find weapons cache with help from villagers*

*By: by Sgt. Jared Gehmann*

*PAKTIKA PROVINCE, Afghanistan* – Villagers helped Afghan National Security Forces members find a hidden weapons cache Jan. 19 in Paktika province’s Sarobi district.

Members with the Paktika village response unit, or VRU, were searching for weapons in Nawiquala village when a villager told them about a cache insurgents had hidden underground.

“The people here have been very helpful. They are tired of the insurgents harassing them and using their land to hide weapons; and that is why they have come forward,” said the VRU commander.

The security forces uncovered four 107 mm rockets, commonly used by insurgents as roadside bombs, buried outside a village compound, reported the commander. He said insurgents have been storing weapons throughout the province for use in future attacks.

“Today’s mission was a huge success because insurgents were planning on using these rockets on the Afghan people during the upcoming elections,” said the VRU commander.

The VRU destroyed the rockets in a desolate part of the Sarobi Mountains.

“Every weapon we find is a life saved,” added the commander.

By Voice of After The War