ISAF, SIGAR work together to increase oversight of ANP fuel purchases

KABUL, Afghanistan (October 1, 2013) – The International Security Assistance Force’s NATO Training Mission- Afghanistan has taken several measures to combat potential fraud, waste and abuse related to Afghan National Police fuel purchases. The measures come as a result of increased NTM-A oversight and inspections assisted by outside agencies such as the Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction.

“Implementing and mastering a nation-wide delivery system from the ground up is a challenge, especially while simultaneously conducting security operations to safeguard the population,” said Maj. Gen. Dean Milner, deputy commander of NTM-A. “But we are committed to combating fraud, waste and abuse as that is key to ensuring that U.S. funds are used in the most efficient and cost effective way while we establish a sustainable and accountable fuel system for the ANP.”

NTM-A is working with the Ministry of the Interior to improve processes along the fuel supply chain by identifying, analyzing and resolving differences between quantities of fuel ordered and quantities of fuel delivered. To assist in this effort, NTM-A began using a detailed database in April 2012 to track fuel orders and deliveries. This database gives contracting officers the ability to detect anomalies and facilitates investigations into allegations of fuel theft. It also helps NTM-A and MoI forecast fuel consumption and requirements more accurately, making budget estimates more accurate.

NTM-A also worked with the MoI to reduce the number of sites receiving direct delivery from 145 to 70 and develop usage estimates based on standard unit equipment numbers and consumption data. Coalition forces distributed fuel meters and test kits to increase shipment
accountability and ensure fuel delivery quality. This has increased the MoI’s ability to track and manage purchase, storage and use of fuel as well as increase oversight of the purchase process.

NTM-A remains committed to being a good steward of resources while ensuring their Afghan partners have the tools they need to sustain achievements in security and stability for the people of Afghanistan. The NATO Training Mission- Afghanistan welcomes the insight and recommendations of SIGAR and other outside organizations and will continue to refine its processes to ensure the appropriate allocation of resources to support its Afghan partners.

By Voice of After The War