Afghanistan Future before of 2014 on section economic

Afghan Local Company has concern about the Third Country National Company‘s at Afghanistan.

From 2003 up to 2013 all afghan local company working as a
subcontractor with Third Country National company ‘s at Afghanistan and they Third Country National company’s getting the first hand (Logistics , contraction ) contract form ISAF , Us army , NATO ,.

On 08 July 2013 the Mansur Jalal Logistics Transportation Company come out at the Kabul Start and did demonstration on supreme company.

Mr.Yousuf Business manger of Mansur jalal company said: we had fuel contract with Supreme company to transport the fuel of supreme company to all over the Afghanistan province as a subcontractor After some month the supreme company didn’t pay our contract amount and the didn’t follow the contract low and rules.

As far Mr. yousuf our company send many emails and letters to supreme company to pay us the contract amount which is 22 Million $ and they didn’t response our email’s and latter’s and even supreme high position people give warning to Masur Jalal Company personal’s .

Mr.yousuf Said if supreme company not respond or latter and email’s up to 72 hours we are going to stop the all supreme company
transportation at 34 province of Afghanistan .

Mr. yousuf is said some of the afghan government people also supporting supreme company and these people and also have link at the supreme company illegal works.

By Voice of After The War