he following is a statement from Gen. Joseph F. Dunford, the ISAF commander:

“Given the many news stories this past week, it would be easy to forget the historic milestone we celebrated on June 18th. After more than a decade of conflict and sacrifice, the Afghan National Security Forces are now the lead for securing their people and their country and ISAF is in support of its Afghan partners.

The ANSF have made tremendous progress and are now clearly ready to assume the lead. In fact, they have been increasingly in the lead for the past several months. The capability and credibility of the ANSF is tangible evidence that Afghanistan is on the path to peace and prosperity. All Afghans should be proud and confident that their security will be provided by the sons and daughters of Afghanistan.

While the nature of the ANSF-ISAF relationship has continued to evolve, ISAF remains committed to helping bring about a stable and secure Afghanistan. We will support the continued development of the ANSF, and we will assist the ANSF and the Afghan Government to carry out secure, inclusive, free, and fair elections next year.

Longer term, the United States and other members of the coalition remain committed to a strategic partnership that will benefit the Afghan people for many years to come. We are committed to helping you build a better country; and we are committed to defeating those who threaten your future.”

By Voice of After The War