ANA increases security of Highway 1 with corps level operation

BAGRAM, Afghanistan (June 21, 2013) – Soldiers from the Afghan National Army 203rd “Thunder” Corps completed a week-long security mission in eastern Afghanistan Tuesday, conducting route clearance on Afghanistan’s most traveled roadway, Highway 1, and performing security patrols in remote villages of Wardak, Paktika, Paktiya, and Ghazni provinces, to clear them of enemies of Afghanistan.

The mission, named Operation Nijat, began June 11 and involved all four brigades from the 203rd “Thunder” Corps which is based in Gardez Province. Playing a supporting role in the operation was the Afghan National Civil Order Police and the Afghan Uniform Police.

Roughly 3,000 ANA Soldiers fanned out across the eastern provinces searching for and disabling enemy emplaced improvised explosive devices, setting up security checkpoints along roadways and conducting presence patrols in villages once under the influence of the Taliban.

Their efforts resulted in 10 enemies of Afghanistan killed, 29 suspected enemies of Afghanistan detained, 13 weapons caches and 2,000 pounds of homemade explosives found, and more than 100 improvised explosive devices found and safely cleared.

Senior leaders from the 203rd “Thunder” Corps and provincial government officials met with elders throughout the eastern provinces as the operation progressed. Shuras were held at six schools, with the largest taking place at Haftacia High School in Wardak Province. Over 50 teachers, 2,500 students, and 100 local village elders were in attendance.

By Voice of After The War