TOLA visit RC-W

Afghanistan: Transatlantic Opinion Leaders to Afghanistan visit Regional Command West

Herat, April 17, 2013 –The Transatlantic Opinion Leaders to Afghanistan (TOLA) – a team of international consultants in the security, development and administration sectors from the ISAF troop contributing nations – visited in the last two days the Regional Command West, the Italian-led command for Western Afghanistan.

The group, through the analysis of the situation and results achieved by ISAF troops in Afghanistan, aims at strengthening the commitment of member states to fulfill the Lisbon Roadmap, including their support to the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) even after the conclusion of the ISAF mission in 2014.

Upon their arrival at ‘Camp Arena’, yesterday, the distinguished guests were welcomed by Colonel Bertolini, deputy commander of RC-W, and by dr. Cazzaniga, from the NATO Senior Civilian Representative Office in the western region, who presented them an update about the region activities – with focus on the transition process – before they met the Herat Governor, the representatives of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), the ANSF leaders and the representatives of the RC-W most involved components in the field of reconstruction and transition, such as the Provincial Reconstruction Team – CIMIC Detachment and the Female Engagement Team of the Military Advisory Team.

This morning the representatives of the TOLA met lieutenant general Marco Bertolini, commander of the Italian Joint Force Headquarters, visiting in this days the Italian contingent, who remarked how, thanks to our military commitment, “today, the ANSF are able to cope with challenges that they were not able to cope with in the past”. Before leaving for Kabul, the opinion leaders congratulated brigadier general Ignazio Gamba, commander of RC-W, on the objectives achieved by the international contingent in his area of responsibility.

By Voice of After The War