Rescued Afghan child checked out by U.S. medic

Rescued Afghan child checked out by U.S. medic: doing well By Capt.
Jennifer Dyrcz
1/1 AD Public Affairs

CAMP NATHAN SMITH, Afghanistan – Ismatalluah, the child rescued from a
well, April 7, by Afghan and U.S. soldiers from both 3rd Tolai, 6th
Kandak and Centurion Company, 1st Battalion, 36th Infantry Regiment was
evaluated, April 10, by a U. S. medic. The boy’s father had brought him
to the Centurion soldiers after complaints of a hurt elbow and pain

"I cleaned up his elbow and arm abrasions, gave his dad anti-infection
medication and bandages and checked his lungs due to breathing
complaints," said Sgt. James Wilcox, medic for Centurion Co.

All things considered, he is doing well, said Wilcox.

When the soldiers from Centurion Co. go on patrols they tell the Afghan
villagers they meet they can come to the U.S. base for basic medical
attention. However, there is still caution on the part of the civilians
to be seen with the Americans.

The dad seemed shocked at first but then pleased to see how fast his son
was getting help from the medic, said Staff Sgt. Leland Campbell,
Centurion Co. infantryman.

Ismatalluah was cautious at first but some of the soldiers gave him
candy and found a stuffed animal to give to him while he was being
checked out to help him relax, said Sgt. 1st Class Thomas Simmons,
Centurion Co. platoon sergeant.

"We got to show we are actually here to help them," said Simmons.

"We don’t always get a chance to show our real intentions, for the
villagers to understand we are here to help," said Capt. Matthew Burton,
commander of Centurion Co. "But if they trust us enough to bring their
children here it is really telling in a good way."

"This just feels good," said Wilcox. "I joined to help people.

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