Jawed Ludin Meets With the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden

Jawed Ludin Meets With the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden

April 24, 2013

KABUL – Deputy Foreign Minister Jawed Ludin met with the Minister Foreign Affairs of Sweden Mr. Carl Bildt at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs this afternoon.

The two sides discussed and exchanged views on enhancing the relations between the two countries and Sweden’s long term cooperation with Afghanistan. The Swedish Foreign Minister said that his country is committed to strongly supporting the economic growth, capacity building of the security institutions, reconstruction, and securing peace in Afghanistan.

Subsequently, Mr. Ludin and Mr. Bildt addressed a joint press conference.

Expressing gratitude for Sweden’s assistances and welcoming the country’s Foreign Minister Jawed Ludin said that Sweden is the only country that has declared economic cooperation with Afghanistan for the entire ten years and has realized the notion of the Transformation Decade. He added that Afghanistan and Sweden will soon conclude a strategic partnership agreement which will determine the cooperation framework between the two countries in the long term.

Mr. Ludin also informed the media of the establishing of the Afghan Embassy in Stockholm. He said that establishing an Afghan Embassy in Stockholm will open a new chapter in the two countries’ relationship.

The Deputy Foreign Minister underlined that Sweden’s assistances to the Afghan people over the past ten years have particularly been in the areas of the strengthening of democracy, good governance, human rights, and areas such as education, rural development and public services, for which Afghans are grateful.

Pointing to the Foreign Ministerial Conference of the Heart of Asia Countries due to be held in Almaty tomorrow Jawed Ludin said that the Afghan led Istanbul Process is the most important regional process which was established with the view to tackling the regional challenges.

Deputy Foreign Minister thanked for the cooperation of the countries outside the Heart of Asia region, including Sweden who has supported the process. He said that Mr. Bildt’s participation at this conference is manifest of Sweden’s commitment to the regional cooperation, particularly the Istanbul Process.

Subsequently, Mr. Bildt said “Sweden has a long standing commitment to Afghanistan, well before ISAF, and the important message today is that Sweden will remain committed to Afghanistan and it will remain even stronger in the coming years.”

By Voice of After The War