World Peace For Life Presented By *Prince Ali* Kabul Peace Conference 18 – Mrach – 2013

Media Advisory : on 18 march 2013 at Ministry of culture & information Kabul Time : 01 : 00 PM
contact number : 0794645696 ( Naweed Yousufi )

Target mission of World Peace For Life from 2013 up to 2016 will be announce tomorrow by the social networks and world peace for life Presented by Prince Ali.
from 34 province motivational speakers, Leaders, politician, afghan tribes, international diplomats, Law makers, and other dignitaries from north to south and east to west who will join together in the spirit of brotherhood to draw attention to the benefit of peace and reaffirm our commitment to unit humanity through love and
understanding.This benefit conference will be simulcast via satellite television, radio and the Internet, and aim to reach millions worldwide.True short period of time.
they already have been join with us or with world peace for life which they will announce they are mission for the first time after working long enough time in Afghanistan, will be announced at this conference.
world peace for life leave Kabul for research at the* RC North , RC South , Rc West , RC east* of Afghanistan for these long enough time in the past for human rights and harmony all the afghan people of Afghanistan
25 old mujahedeen commanders who are now in power at the RC North and RC east of Afghanistan is agree with our mission.
We figure out voice of people to reach out to the world from RC north and RC east how to have peace at Afghanistan and which step that must should bring peace in Afghanistan .
Our mission is that to send the people’s voice which they are never have been reached out to the world even they have their own people power and their area but not good economic stimulation,
In 18 march 2013 world peace for life conference will be bring changes in Afghanistan for to be part of new upcoming election and also being part of entire law of Afghanistan for mission of peace and also our people will come out after this conference and send their voice’s out all over the world,

By Voice of After The War