World Peace For Life Organization at Kabul Peace Conference 16 / 01 / 2013 by

Press Release

With the name of God

Our international world peace conference with the mission of bringing peoples of Afghanistan together,

This conference goal is to help and achieve there mission of life, world peace for life, hope and love for
humanity highlight the celebration of life and declaration for peace.

Our world peace mission among people’s of Afghanistan,

This second annual conference will feature-motivational speakers, politician, afghan tribes,
international diplomats, and other dignitaries from north to south and east to west who will join
together in the spirit of brotherhood to draw attention to the benefit of peace and reaffirm our
commitment to unit humanity through love and understanding. This benefit conference will be
simulcast via satellite television, radio and the Internet, and aim to reach millions worldwide. True short period of time.

Our purpose is to deliver our powerful massage of peace and justice in the major cities of the world
Starting year ago, world peace for life founder Prince Ali is uniquely positioned to achieve his objective
by serving as a bridge between Middle Eastern culture and western culture and by using the common
language of peace and love.

Coming after 22 years from USA to his war torn native Afghanistan,

His campaign for peace, justice and unity, which started as a strong vision in his mind,

Is now global movement is on January 16th in the ministry of culture and information in the city of
Kabul, Afghanistan.

We would like every one of you great people’s to join us for better future of our children’s women’s
Right and justice for our really poor people of Afghanistan which there voice have never been heard

By Voice of After The War