on 21 / novmber /2012 at 8:22Am wazir akber khan street 10 got suicide attack

Kabul Afghanistan at 8.2o AM a suicide attacker target military compound in the main diplomatic area. At the wazir akber which close to all military compound at Kabul wazir akber .
As far high witness who work with the afghan local security company at wazier akber khan street # 10 he didn’t give permission to right has name at report from incident location he said Tamursha one of the local security guards has been killed and 2 other of the is injured.
He said the person who did attack one week ago he was walking at this street and as far my friend how injured told me that the person how come last week to this street he did that attack.
The ISAF HQ , US Embassy , Camp agger , Camp Julian , Col House , Uk Embassy and other the military and other diplomatic office are start the alarm and give other they are personal that be at office and no is allow to go out site of camp’s or diplomatic office .
Other report from camp Shank of Logar come which is show that 2 afghan local translator has been killed by afghan police at camp shank .


By Voice of After The War