*Weekh Zwanan launched a large rally against the Durand Line in Kabul*

Kabul, Afghanistan: The Weekh Zwanan Party (Awakened Youth) launched a rally against the recent remarks of U.S officials on the legal status of Durand line and the Pakistani interference in Afghanistan.

Above a thousand members of Weekh Zwanan chanted the slogans of “We don’t accept Durand line”, “Death to Pakistan” and “Long live Greater Afghanistan” and waved the national flags of Afghanistan.

The chairman of Weekh Zwanan Party Israr Ahmad Khan told the rally that the territory from Oxus to Margala hills is Greater Afghanistan and is the historical homeland of Afghans and Afghans will never accept the imaginary Durand line.

He added, “Pakistan doesn’t want a prosperous, peaceful and developed Afghanistan”.

At the end of the rally Weekh Zwanan issued their declaration and notified that such remarks could hurt the interests of both Afghanistan and United State of America.

The declaration says, “We call the Afghans at the other side of the imaginary Durand Line our compatriots and we call Pakistani colonized Afghan territories “Occupied Afghanistan”.

Afghans on both sides of the Durand Line are not dividable and reuniting them is our historical responsibility”.

Weekh Zwanan says that only and only Afghan nation has the right to decide about the Durand line.

The rally called Pakistan a terrorism sponsoring state and such comments by the American diplomats are considered escape from their actual responsibilities in Afghanistan and region.

Recently U.S envoys told media that U.S recognizes Durand line as an international border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

After the remarks of U.S officials Weekh Zwanan Party issued a statement and warned U.S officials to take back their words otherwise they will hold demonstration against the Americans.

The Weekh Zwanan Party is active in Afghanistan since last five years and besides seeking peace, stability, solidarity and development in Free Afghanistan, also focuses on re-unifying Afghans on both sides of the Durand line.

The territories of Occupied Afghanistan were torn off from Afghanistan, under the pressure of British colonial Rule, by a so-called agreement in 1893. But the Durand line agreement along with all those agreements that were enforced in regards to the Tribal Areas and the North West Frontier, were lapsed when it was stated so in Section C, Article 7 of the Indian Independence Act.

By Voice of After The War