Two thousand air-drops made with Italian Air Force C-130

Herat, Afghanistan , 11 August 2012 – Today, a C130-J of the Task Group “Albatros” provided the 200th supply container airdropped in support of the local population of Afghanistan and military personnel located on various COPs and FOBs. The important occasion was signified by wrapping container number 200 in an Italian flag as it parachuted to the ground.

“The air-drops” – said Colonel Pilot Andrea Fazi, Commander JAFT- “were essential to ensure a continuous flow of supplies to areas otherwise difficult to reach”.

The Task Force “Albatros” is subordinate to JAFT, part of the Air Force in Regional Command West (RC-West). It is made up of over 200 people including a refueling team from the Army.

Task Group “Albatros” also performs tactical missions with the C130-J transport aircraft. Additionally, they utilize C27-J aircraft equipped with JEDI (Jamming and Electronic Defence Implementation) to maintain an electronic security bubble, neutralizing insurgent communications, and ensuring greater protection for ground forces against the possible use of IEDs (Improvised Explosive Device).

Naweed Yousufi
Freelance Journalist

By Voice of After The War