Statement by Administrator hah on the Death of USAID Foreign ServiceOfficer Ragaei Abdelfattah

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On behalf of President Obama, Secretary Clinton andthe American people, I have sent my deepest condolences to the family ofUSAID Foreign Service Officer Ragaei Abdelfattah who died yesterday inAfghanistan along with several members of the
International SecurityAssistance Force and Afghan civilians during a terrorist attack in KunarProvince. This tragedy is a testament to the deep commitment andsacrifice of our dedicated staff who serve in conflict countries likeAfghanistan around the world. Ragaei recently began a voluntary second tour in Afghanistan in order tocontinue his critical support of Afghanistan’s stability and long-termdevelopment. His hard work has helped to bring key services andimprovements to the people of Afghanistan such as schools, healthclinics, and electricity to the citizens of Nangarhar and Kunarprovinces. Prior to joining USAID, Ragaei had more than 15 years of professionaldevelopment experience both in the United States and overseas. He wasalso working to complete a PhD in Planning,
Governance, andGlobalization at Virginia Tech University. Safety and security is an Agency priority for USAID staff on thefrontlines of poverty and conflict across the world. Ragaei gave hislife in service to our country and our Agency’s mission of providinghelp to those in need and advancing our national security. Hissacrifice and the ongoing commitment of our staff in Afghanistan isbuilding on progress from the past decade and helping to make bothAfghanistan and America safer. Ragaei is survived by his two teenage sons and wife. Our thoughts andprayers are with them in this tragic time.

By Voice of After The War