Statement by the Press Secretary on the President’s Meeting with Ambassador Crocker

The President met earlier today in the Oval Office with Ambassador Ryan Crocker to receive an update on the situation in Afghanistan and to thank the Ambassador for his superb leadership of the United States’ efforts in Afghanistan over the past year. Ambassador Crocker has served at a critical time, and thanks to his work, the United States – together with the Afghan government, and our NATO-ISAF partners – has cemented a long-term partnership with the Afghan people that allows us to responsibly wind down the war as the Afghan Government stands up to take full responsibility for their security and sovereignty. Ambassador Crocker’s tireless and passionate focus on achieving our objective in Afghanistan has kept us safer and more secure, and completes another chapter in an unmatched career of diplomatic service in the most challenging postings. Ambassador Crocker will depart his role as the U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan with the President’s, and the nation’s, great thanks and admiration.

By Voice of After The War