Afghanistan National Army leads first medical awareness training in Pasab

By Spc. Tyler Meister
117th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment

ZHARAY, Afghanistan – Groups of local Afghans streamed into the Pasab Bazaar soccer field with wide eyes and curious faces, to see what the Afghan National Army and International Security Assistance Forces were up to, June 25.
ANA medics from 5th Kandak teamed up with medics from A and B Company, 782nd Brigade Support Battalion, to provide classes to locals near Pasab.
The ANA medics took the reins and instructed the classes. Each station was led by two ANA medics, as 782nd, 4th Brigade Combat Team medics assisted, giving guidance if needed.
The classes offered were preventive medicine, hot-weather injury and dental hygiene.
102 villagers received classes and health kits containing: toothpaste, hand sanitizer, sun screen, chap stick and other items.
“The classes are very useful because people here in the rural areas do not know much about the basics,” said Amin Ullah, an ANA medic with 5th Kandak, 3rd Brigade, who taught the hot-weather injury class. He taught them proper procedures for preventing a heat casualty, including using sun screen and other products inside the health kit. “Not many people are educated on how to use the items we are giving them, so we are here to give them some important skills,” Ullah said. “I hope that the people in South Kandahar realize we are here to help,” he continued. “I want to encourage them to help us bring peace and stability.”
Zahir Muslim, another medic with the 5th Kandak, 3rd Bde, 205th Infantry Corps, who taught the preventive medicine class, received positive feedback from the villagers that attended his class.
“I want to try and teach people here as much as I can because U.S. Forces are leaving soon,” Muslim said.
Muslim was grateful for all the U.S. has taught him and looks forward to sharing his knowledge with the people here.
“The U.S. is very helpful and I want to thank them on behalf of all ANA Soldiers and myself,” Muslim said.
“The mission and classes are valued, but more importantly, it builds strong relations with the people,” said Command Sgt. Maj. Ian D. Guy, Command Sergeant Major of the 782nd BSB, 4th BCT, 82nd Airborne Division.

By Voice of After The War