District Leadership vow to make Zharay and Maiwand what the people need

Capt. Allie M. Scott
4th Bde. Combat Team, 82nd Abn. Div. PAO

Zharay District, Afghanistan – The military and police leaders of Zharay, Panjwai and Maiwand Districts in Kandahar Province came together, June 21, to discuss how the efforts of their men can bring peace and security by conducting operations soon to eliminate enemy activities.
The event took place at the Zharay District Center. In attendance were; the commander of the Afghan National Army’s 205th Infantry Corps, Afghan Maj. Gen. Abdul Hamid, commander of the Civil Order Police, Gen. Salim Esas, Kandahar Provincial Police Chief, Brig. Gen. Abdul Raziq, commander of the 2nd Brigade, 205th Infantry Corps and Civil Order Police Commander, Brig. Gen. Ghullam Mohaiddin, the Zharay Deputy Police Chief, Masoom Khan, the Maiwand Deputy Police Chief, Salem Mohammad, the Maiwand District Governor, Sultan Mohammad and local Shura Leaders from both districts. There were also ISAF officials in attendance. The men, stood to declare their dedication to making Zharay and Maiwand Districts what the people need to repel the Taliban, gathered as a show of commitment to their words.
“We should not repeat the problems in the past,” said Gen. Salim Esas, commander of the Civil Order Police.
“Zharay has the largest force and we should secure those that stand up as leaders. These are the fighters. Not everyone in the shura is there for their picture.” said Esas.
The Maiwand District Governor Sultan Mohammad began with a request for those most necessary to success, “My request for the Elders, as I support the mission, you support the men conducting the mission.” “If we get together as a unified effort, there will be no enemy left. I am prepared to protect my District.” said, Governor Mohammad. “I am sure by the end of the day the enemy will know. But if we have a proper plan, the enemy will go.”
Masoom Khan boldly told the Afghan leaders “We are very together, we are united, I have weapons and fighters, I am ready for these operations.”
Many of these men have seen battle in the defense of their Nation in this war or ones previous. They stand united, ready to fight now. The Provincial police chief started his comments with a very key message to success.
“Most effective is the Shura and governance. There has to be a plan where police stay and the Afghan National Army enables.” stated Brig. Gen. Abdul Razziq “Security is not always the answer.” Razziq has held the office of Police Chief of Kandahar Province for many years, following in his father’s footsteps as a fighter for the government.
Gen. Hamid, stated “After these operations, we will extend our boundaries to protect the people. We need the peoples support too and with words. This is the best way security. It’s the help and support from populace to be successful. Leave the tribal differences and come together. We need good governance and security and then development will come.”
Soon, operations under the protectors of these districts will be underway. They stand together in unity, for a common purpose, protection of the people and a better way of life. As many of the men in the room stated that day, they are ready.

By Voice of After The War