Senior al-Qaida leader killed in Kunar province Sunday

KABUL, Afghanistan (May 29) – Afghan and coalition forces confirmed that a security operation conducted Sunday resulted in the deaths of Sakhr al-Taifi, a Saudi al-Qaida leader, and one additional al-Qaida terrorist in Watahpur district, Kunar province.

Sakhr al-Taifi, also known as Musthaq and Nasim, was al-Qaida’s second highest leader in Afghanistan, responsible for commanding foreign insurgents, in addition to directing attacks against coalition and Afghan forces.

He frequently traveled between Afghanistan and Pakistan, carrying out commands from senior al-Qaida leadership. He also supplied weapons and equipment to eastern insurgents and managed the illegal transport of insurgent fighters into Afghanistan.

After positively identifying Sakhr al-Taifi and one additional al-Qaida terrorist, and ensuring no civilians were in the area, the security force engaged the targets with a precision airstrike. A follow-on assessment of the area determined no civilian property was damaged and no civilians were harmed.

By Voice of After The War