Unified Command Team designates Police Precinct stations for community security

Zharay District, Afghanistan – Zharay District Afghan Local Police Chief
Masum Khan discussed plans to split the district into precincts during a
meeting May 5 in Zharay District, Afghanistan.
The plan is in place to improve administrative procedures and
reporting among ALP in the district, as well as to improve security of
the district.
Collectively the leadership from the Zharay Police Chief,
Executive Officer of the 3rd Infantry Brigade, 205th Infantry Corps,
Afghan National Army and the Commander of the 4th Brigade Combat Team,
82nd Airborne Division sat among their subordinate commanders of each
key subdistrict and dissected its geography. They designated police
station locations, based upon the recommendation from local police
chiefs and community members, which best provided security in each
village in Zharay.
“In my opinion,” said Col. Mohammad Kandahari, executive officer
of the 3rd Infantry Brigade, 205th ANA Corps, “these people, [Afghan
National Police] and ALP should have good communication and support with
each other,” Col. Kandahari continued, “then [International Security
Assistance Forces] will not be needed.”
Splitting the district into precincts and improving the
administrative capabilities is designed to augment the successful
strides the ANP and ALP has made in the security of the district.
“We work very well in our area,” said Shah Wali Khan, an ALP
officer. “We’ve found 50 IEDs, [machine guns], and lots of other stuff.”
Shah Wali Khan continued to explain the benefits of the police
over U.S. Soldiers.
“We recognize the people,” he said. “In each village, I have men
ready to work and secure the village. We have to stand on our own two

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Masum Khan agreed with Shah Wali Khan, “The Taliban cannot even
fight the police. We must interact with the local people. If any enemy
comes, the people will call and report it.”
The recent developments in Zharay will create more jobs for
young men, better security for community members and increase the
reporting of crimes in the area.


By Voice of After The War